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Welcome to Gators Swim Club

Gators Swim Club (a member of Swim BC and Swim National Canada) is a competitive swim club that has been part of the East Vancouver community for over 30 years. The Gators Swim Club is also a non-profit organization that is operated by parent volunteers. Our club culture encourages enjoyment of swimming through development in areas of swimming skills, fitness and team participation. The structure of the Gators program is based upon a progression from the novice to elite levels of competition. Each level of club progression differs in preparation and performance expectations.

Although the idea of "personal best" is a prominent theme for the Gators Swim Club, the concept of team is equally as important. Team activities, such as time trials, in-house meets, special events, thematic fun swim days, BBQ's, etc., are incorporated into the program to involve all swimmers and family members in sharing values of friendship, team pride, staying healthy and community support.

Gators Swim Club welcomes new swimmers all year long. For registration information or to book a swimmer assessment, feel free to send us an email at: registrar@gatorswimclub.ca. We look forward to chatting with you.

Updated News

  • Congratulations to our November Swimmers!
    Seniors- Jessica Jou and Emily Jou
    Senior B Tyler Ko
    Age- Keisha Van Buckley and Abhiraj Sidhu
    Gold- Rachel Anne Ronque
    Junior- Sephora Lee
    Crocodile- Kieu-Vy
    Blue- Gabriel Ma
    Gecko- Michael Luo
    Gecko B- Frances Goleco
    Gecko C- Galin Yeung
  • Training Schedule for 2017-2018 Swimming Season.
  • December 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • CDSC MEET 2018 - Jan 17 to 21, 2018

Past Events

  • 2017 FASTSWIM - Dec 15-17, 2017
  • CDSC PASS MEET 2017 - Dec 17, 2017

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